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Better Bing Rewards Bot

Better Bing Rewards Bot

1. What is does it do?
Better Bing Rewards Bot is an automation tool to search Bing to earn Microsoft points.

1.2. Features
- Supports multiple accounts: Auto rotate through all accounts. A text file with the credentials is required.
- Supports auto and manual mode for auto and manual searches.
- Supports an individual wordlist. A text file is required.
- Supports multithreading (Proxy settings & requires multiple Windows users).
- Supports Tor (Proxy settings and Identity switcher).
- Supports Ip2location database (IP geolocation and to force US IP and US country).
- Support individual and searches in desktop and mobile version of Bing.
- Stealthier: The search engines switches between desktop and mobile version.
- Faster: Logs the earned Microsoft points.
- Stealthier: Random sleep delay: Set a random time delay "5-10" to wait between searches.
- Stealthier: Random searches count: Set a random number of searches "30-50" for searches.
- Stealthier: Random sleep between authentification "2-5" minutes to wait between accounts.
- Stealthier: In auto mode random order of account.
- Stealthier: In all searches random click in searches.
- Supports auto start through a scheduled task.
- Stealthier: Simulate real user and real key strokes and real mouse button clicks.
- Shows earned Microsoft points for each searches.
- Faster: Stop searches when all points are earned.
- Maximize income: Continues searches until all points are earned (ignores searches count up to 2x)
NEW! Maximize income: Dashboard tasks: earn special dashboard tasks (not the quiz)!
NEW! Stealthier: Custom Desktop & Mobile User Agent!
NEW! Faster: Auto detect & select US language/market!
NEW! Faster: Auto skip temporarily suspended accounts!
NEW! Faster: Check earned Microsoft points!

1.3 Requirements
- Windows 10 x32 and x64
- accounts.txt file
- words.txt file
- Microsoft Bing Rewards accounts

Windows XP/Vista/7 requires .net framework v4.


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