Dienstag, 1. Januar 2013

N900 Tune Up

The N900 Tune-Up efficiently optimize and clean the Nokia N900 smartphone. This program is very easy to install. Feel free to write me an e-mail.
  • Offload memory swap with a 2nd swap partition on the external SD-Card (optional). SD-Card partition can be deliver for 8 GB and 16 GB cards.
  • Bash 4.2 (more powerful X-Terminal emulation)
  • Adds directory-colors to directory in X-Terminal emulation
  • Compatible with Swappoluble (edit and change settings)
  • simple Firewall (protect against DDOS, DOS, Spoffing, MITM, Flooding)
  • Traffic-Shapping
  • Cpu subsystem tuning
  • Network subsystem tuning
  • Virtual memory subsystem tuning
  • Massive interactivity improvement of File I/O subsystem under high load
  • libmlockall to lock the RAM of the X-Server (not letting it swapped in critical situations)
  • Compatible with kernel-power (v46, v47)
  • Sqlite-Optimizer (vaccum defragmentation of every single unencrypted sqlite database in the root folder, especially useful for microb, modest and tracker)
  • Microb performance optimization custom configuration script (user.js)
  • pulseaudio update
  • Control Groups tuning (4lineshack)
  • Installation-Windows (control of installation of additional libraries and Sqlite Optimization)
  • Fixed DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS issue in rootsh
  • pin rootsh to stop update of rootsh
  • blacklist joydev module
  • un-nice xorg
  • disable access control xorg
  • Re-Nice of important apps
Before the Installation make sure you have a backup of your data. Traffic shapping works only with power kernel (v47+).

30.01.2011 John G. 5$
30.06.2011 Riccardo N. 5$
04.07.2011 Edilson Santos B. 5$
22.05.2011 Diego I. 20$
01.06.2011 Steven H. 5$
20.11.2011 anonymous 5$
22.08.2013 Tobias B. 5$

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